Perth – Beginner’s Photography Class  (1day)

£450 FOR PERSONAL, ONE-TO-ONE TUITION (Bring along a friend for free!)

Perth Photography Class – £450


The aim of this one day photography class in Perth, Scotland is to demistify the workings of your camera and to take complete creative control of your camera for the first time. Classes are private, but you can bring along a friend for free and we’ll even lend you both a DSLR for free.

Whether you’ve just been given a new digital camera, or you’ve been stuck in automatic mode for years, our tutor will cut through all the jargon and complicated technicalities to help you take full creative control of your camera.

The first hour will be spent going over some basic theory helped by some coffee/tea and cake (on us). The next 4 hours will be spent out-and-about in Perth, putting into practice what you’ve learned. The instructor will patiently take you through the workings of your camera, step-by-step, all the way to mastering Manual mode. We will take a twenty minute comfort/snack break at 1.30 pm.

At the end of this course in Perth, you will receive a free pdf guide covering all aspects taught on the course. To purchase this course please Click Here, or book directly with David on 07400 705 357.

Perth Course Details

Class Instructor:  David Wheater
Suitability:  Beginners and anyone struggling to get off automatic modes
Suitable Cameras:  All digital dSLRs and Compact System Cameras with Manual Control
FREE Camera Hire: Free for all students
Location:  Perth
Duration:  5 hours
Times:  11am – 4pm
Price:  £450 for private class. Bring a friend for free.
Extras:  Complimentary tea/coffee n’ cake and a free PDF Guide to everything covered on the course.

What Will I Learn?

  • Holding your camera
  • The anatomy of your camera and its lens
  • The exposure triangle: understanding and balancing ISO, shutter speed and aperture
  • Using slow and fast shutter speeds
  • Aperture and depth of field
  • ISO – the sensitivity of your camera’s sensor and ‘noise’
  • Auto ISO benefits
  • Advanced Modes: Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority and Manual Mode
  • Understanding the exposure scale
  • The exposure metering system and metering patterns
  • Fine tuning exposure and exposure compensation
  • Autofocus modes: One Shot, Continuous and Auto
  • Focusing and reframing
  • Lenses and focal length
  • Basic rules of composition and exploring angles

Please remember that you don’t need to own a camera to take this class. We have a selection of DSLR cameras which can be used free of charge on the day.

If you have a question about this course, or would like to book, please call David on 07400 705 357.


t. 07400 705 357


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